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Negotiation Mastery for the Legal Pro

29 Nov

It is count down time until our new course Negotiation Mastery for the Legal Pro goes Live! Sign up at the site for information and a chance to win the Kindle Fire, drawing Dec. 18th. Signing up now qualifies for pre-launch discounts. This online course teaches young lawyers to be masterful negotiators, taught by the award winning lawyer recognized as one of the Best Lawyers in America by U.S. News and World Report.


Negotiation Mastery for the Legal Pro

29 Nov

Negotiate to Win

26 Nov

I have found that there is a need for lawyers to gain mastery over negotiation skills. Because of this I have created a course to teach negotiation strategies and skills. If you are a lawyer, please sign up for my new webpage, and you will receive information about the upcoming course as well as a chance to win a Kindle Fire, drawing on Dec. 18th!

Enter to win a Kindle Fire by Dec 18th

20 Nov

Our new course coming soon Negotiation Mastery for the Legal Pro teaches attorneys how to have mastery over negotiations with laser-targeted precision. Drawing on my academic studies in decision making, game theory, behavioral economics, neuroscience, social psychology, and cognitive psychology, my deep experience as a master mediator, law school teaching, and 22 year career as an extraordinarily successful trial lawyer (multiple million dollar settlements, judgments and verdicts), I, Doug Noll have put together a comprehensive online course on legal negotiation. Enter your email address for more info and you can be the winner in the drawing for a Kindle Fire, Dec. 18 just before the holidays!

Convergence: A Mount Everest of an Idea

18 Nov

Segment 1: Dialogue Where There Is Division.

Our guest on this edition of The Doug Noll Show is Aakif Ahmad, co-founder and Vice President of Convergence, a non-profit, non-partisan organization “dedicated to bringing dialogue where there is division, consensus where there is conflict and solutions where there is stalemate on issues of national consequence.” Through Convergence, Aakif helps Americans and Pakistanis work together as well as Democrats and Republicans work together. He’s found that there isn’t much space for our elected officials to cooperate because they are tied to lobbyists and it is difficult to identify where common ground is possible. However, there is a shift in how people see each other when they’re able to step back from the positions for which they’ve been advocating and identify the values from which those positions come. Personal narratives begin to be articulated and they discover places where they can work together to achieve common goals. It is a patient process, and Convergence has benefitted from supporters who want to be part of something geared toward problem-solving.


Segment 2: An Inclusive and Safe Space.

One of the goals that Convergence works towards is not only to identify a framework that feels inclusive and safe for the stakeholders, but also to attain a level of creative thinking. It is through creative thinking and open dialogue folks begin to conceive of ways to work together. Even major stakeholders working on opposite sides of issues can flourish in this environment.


There is no bias on the outside of the process. Convergence looks for a series of indicators that suggests that a particular issue and the stakeholders around that issue have reached a point where the fight is no longer leading to incremental gains. Research is a large part of the process. They do a tremendous amount of research to find “ripe” issues that might find success with a different approach.


Segment 3: The U.S. and Pakistan Relationship.

Convergence has organized a series of events in Pakistan and Washington D.C. where Pakistanis and Americans with leadership roles outside of government have a chance to meet and get to know each other as groups. They talk candidly about their relationship and their hopes, dreams, concerns and fears for their countries. It is at that moment when positions evaporate and common values arise. The groups realize they can work together and that it’s not just a conversation about fear; it’s a conversation about opportunity.


Segment 4: The Momentum Continues to Grow.

There is no “one size fits all” approach, and not every issue is ripe and ready to seek an alternative approach. It’s a sincere privilege for the folks at Convergence to assist stakeholders working toward a common vision. Convergence has been around for 3 years and the momentum continues to grow. Their hope is that they can help their current stakeholders achieve the breakthroughs they are striving towards, as well be in a position to extend their services to others through continued support and resources. To learn more about Convergence, please visit their website: <a href="</span>


The listen to complete interview:


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Segment 3

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