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Award Winning Book Elusive Peace by Douglas Noll Used in Classrooms for International Affairs Mediation and Conflict Resolution

24 Oct

Douglas Noll, author of the award winning book Elusive Peace: How Modern Diplomatic Strategies Could Better Resolve World Conflicts (Prometheus, 2011) discovers an increase in college professors ordering his book for classroom studies in International Affairs, Conflict Resolution, and Mediation. “I hope students will take a serious interest in international affairs and peacemaking, and find the knowledge, strategies and conflict resolution dynamics in my book building blocks for developing sustainable peacemaking strategies for the future.” In this in-depth analysis, professional mediator Douglas E. Noll goes behind the headlines to understand why crucial negotiations fail. He argues that diplomats often enter negotiations with flawed assumptions about human behavior, sovereignty, and power.


Right Relationship Webinar Series Back by Popular Demand for Couples

22 Oct

Please join us for the next Right Relationship Webinar Series as my wife Aleya Dao and I share the secrets to successful communication and how to model peace to your children through your emotionally intimate relationship with your partner. Love takes skills, we teach you how and share our personal journey along the way. Join this interactive and very personal webinar!


16 Oct

What PBS stands for is balanced, thoughtful journalism. “What the Republicans hate about PBS that is that if critical thinking is applied to much of the Republican platform, the platform falls apart.PBS is all about confronting and dealing with difficult
issues. That’s why the Republicans don’t want PBS around–the Republicans.In California’s Central Valley, 40% of the households receive TV. PBS is the number 1 educator of young Hispanic children. Do Republicans want Hispanic kids to grow up as thoughtful, critical voters?
Investing in minds is not a Republican priority; investing in big oil is.
Doug Noll, award winning author of Elusive Peace was president of a local community radio station KFC for 10 years. Noll was on the board of Valley PBS for 15 years and chair of the board for 8 years, as well
as the head of the Digital Conversion Capital Campaign.


16 Oct

The Doug Noll Show

11 Oct

The Doug Noll Show
Thursday 7pm Pacific.
Tonight Doug interviews
Aakif Ahmad, of, talking
about the work of Convergence, the first national organization dedicated to organizing projects for best practices in mediation applied to public policy challenges confronting our nation! Important to listen and learn about international issues this election year.
The lines are open for your questions and comments at 877-474-3302, or Internationally, 01 858-623-0126.

The Doug Noll Show

11 Oct

Marianne Williamson: Conviction, Action and Service to America

6 Oct

Segment 1: The Larger Context of Peace and Love.

Our guest on this edition of The Doug Noll show is internationally acclaimed author and spiritual leader Marianne Williamson. Marianne has published ten books, many of them New York Times Best Sellers, as well as been a guest on shows such as Good Morning American, Larry King Live, Charlie Rose and Oprah. She founded Project Angel Food in Los Angeles and the Department of Peace Campaign, a grass roots campaign to establish a United States Department of Peace. Her latest project, Sister Giant (, was created to help foster a new conversation and consciousness in American politics. Its mission is to transform the political environment in America by engaging women in politics.


Marianne grew up in a generation where the idea of spiritual and philosophical pursuits was not separate from the idea of political pursuits. She saw her political pursuits within the larger context of peace and love. Marianne’s interest in the philosophical and spiritual ideas that were so pervasive in the 70’s remained a life-long calling for her. When she read A Course in Miracles a world opened up for her, although at that point in time there was no professional niche as there is now. In time her interest in philosophy and spirituality became what she “did” full time: writing books about miracles, shifts in consciousness and the personal spiritual journey.


Segment 2: A Cancer Underlying Other Cancers.

Marianne believes that the undue influence of money on our political system is like a cancer underlying other cancers. She speaks of two important points: the United States has a 23.1% child poverty rate and we have the highest incarceration rate in any nation in the world (and in history). We spend more on prisons than on education, and there is a direct correlation.


Our job is not to try to convince others of our beliefs but to speak with greater savvy and organizational skills to those who already see the world the way we do. Those who speak with a loving tongue are not speaking loud enough. Violence is the most primitive form of conflict resolution and as long as we rely on primitive forms and not rise to more sophisticated forms we will continue to have problems.


Segment 3: Sister Giant.

The purpose of the Sister Giant event (Nov 10-11, 2012) is to reconnect our own higher philosophical and spiritual visions with the idea of serious political issues. We need to see politics within the context of the larger yearning for the evolution of the species. Marianne will be moderating and hosting the event, and guest speakers will focus on child poverty, incarceration and the Citizens United issue.


Segment 4: A Purpose Greater Than Ourselves.

Marianne believes that enlightenment is the path of the heart. The violence of the heart is behind all human suffering. Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. When the heart is open, a miraculous power flows through us and makes the universe self-organizing and self-correcting. When we are willing to heal ourselves we become used for a purpose greater than ourselves. If we learn to use that power collectively, there is no end to what we can accomplish.


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